Why Don’t You Send Statements Out?

on Tuesday, 01 October 2013. Posted in Startup Advice, Accountancy Advice, Business Advice, Cloud Accounting

within a few hours of the statements being sent out  payment is received

Do you send your customers a statement of account? It really is a simple idea and helps credit control.

Using a Cloud Accounting package like Xero means you can email your statements as often as you want. We email ours three times a month: on the 10th, 20th and the last day of the month. We choose which debtors to send them to and it is amazing how often payment is received within a few hours of the statements being sent out.

With modern technology sending statements really is easy and very efficient – a few clicks and they are emailed out to your customers.

Keep the statement simple by listing all the outstanding transactions. There is no need to show all the movement for a month. As businesses rarely send out cheques there seems little point having a statement that can be split into two to become a remittance advice – if the writing is too small it will not be read!

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We love Cloud Accounting and think it is the way forward for most businesses. We are Silver Partners with Xero Online Accounting Software and Certified Partners of IRIS’s KashFlow. Please contact us for more information on Cloud Accounting and also read our blog.